Who We Are



 Welcome to Butternut Studio, where a lifetime of curiosity and a passion for all things beautiful come to life.

 Introductions first: I’m Mary Croft Ferguson, an Atlanta native and working artist, and my partner and sister-in law is Ouida Cox Croft, a creative concepts designer originally from Lake Charles, Louisiana. Together, we design and create new traditions inspired by items of historical beauty and fascination. Many of the goods we work with are fresh interpretations of articles in family collections passed down to us through the generations. 

 At Butternut we also celebrate our love for all things that catch our eye, that stir our spirit, and that frankly, make us want them. It may be the shape we’re attracted to, a compelling back-story, or the colors or composition of a particular painting: we've developed a keen and discerning eye for what works.  We’ve loved putting together this opening collection of masterfully created retakes and fine art prints produced here in our studio. Adding a dash of spice are vintage, one of a kind items offered in a category we call “Lagniappe” – a delicious southern Louisiana word meaning a little something extra.  

 As a working artist myself, it has been my pleasure to meet many talented artists across the country, and it will always be our privilege to include a select few in Butternut Studio. Utilizing our design and art-making backgrounds, Ouida and I strive to present an impeccably curated collection of art and enhancements for your life and environment. From our home to yours. 

 XOXO Mary and Ouida