Kristi Card Tray


We've happily named this tray for our very clever studio assistant who designed the patterns using a deck of antique cards ca. 1750. In a beautiful kaleidoscope of old world colors, it is not only beautiful, but we think it is as clever and awesome as she is! Our trays take many stages and steps on their way to becoming the singular, signed works of art that they are. We found a wonderful craftsman in Tennessee to build our custom tray designs out of the clearest best quality woods. Then Ouida and I take over in our studio with either hand rubbed stain, or often six or more coats of paint that we work with and layer to achieve the result we're after. The surface of the image is protected with a durable finish that makes this tray not only eye-catching, but completely useful as well. We're proud to sign each tray we create, and prouder still when we hear from folks how much they love them in their homes. XO Mary


Tray measures: 13" x 13" x 2.25"


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